Why not add experience and skill set diversity to your embedded software development team by contracting with a Three Birds Systems consultant?

Howard Neely shown with an embedded computer that implements computer vision capabilities for an autonomous vehicle.  Mr. Neely led the software development effort for this embedded system.


There's an old saying that experience is one of those things that you get right after you needed it. And you won't get experience from your college or grad school new hires. So, how can you get more experience on your project team? We can provide you with a consultant with more than 35 years of experience in embedded computing. Actually delivering systems to the field. Maybe your budget can't support a full-time senior engineer on staff. But, you can contract with us and get a senior embedded system engineer with research experience, when you need it. If you're not thrilled with our contribution to your project, vote with your feet and don't renew our contract. But we think you will be so thrilled with our performance that you will return to us time and again.

"Bothware" perspective.

We believe in what we call the "bothware" perspective: consideration of the capabilities and constraints of the target embedded hardware in order to tailor the algorithmic approach to achieve the best performance for the overall embedded system. It seems to us that few university programs emphasize a bothware perspective. The result is computer science graduates who don't understand hardware (especially the constraints inherent in embedded hardware), and electrical engineers who don't like to code.

We don't have that problem at Three Birds Systems. We will provide you with a consultant who is very comfortable with code that runs close to the metal.

Passion for heterogeneous computing.

We believe that heterogeneous computing is a disruptive technology for embedded system developers, and we embrace the opportunities that the emerging class of heterogenous system-on-chip (SoC) processors will provide for levels of performance previously unattainable in embedded systems. Three Birds Systems is dedicated to helping our clients leverage heterogeneous SoC devices in their embedded systems.

Skill set.

Our consultant has the following skill set:

  • Languages: Ada, C, C++, HTML, Java, Python, SQL, SystemC, VHDL, XML.
  • APIs: DirectX, MPI, OpenCL, OpenCV, OpenGL, OpenMP.
  • Platforms: Windows, Ubuntu Linux, QNX.
  • Project Mgmt: Stanford Certified Project Manager.

Let us help you deliver excellent embedded systems.

We have the experience and skill set to help you with the following tasks:

  • Elicitation and documentation of embedded software requirements.
  • Development and execution of embedded system integration test plans.
  • Platform benchmarking and toolset workaround development.
  • Embedded system support at your customer's site.

How can we help?

Thank you for considering Three Birds Systems for your embedded software consulting. I'm Howard Neely, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Three Birds Systems. I do the consulting. I have more than 35 years of experience in embedded systems and embedded software in the aerospace and defense industry, with specific expertise in immersive human-computer interaction systems.

Need help architecting and implementing a mobile system that uses augmented reality interaction? I designed the embedded computing architecture and implemented the algorithms in that architecture for the world's first motion-stabilized augmented reality system for unstructured outdoor environments.

Need help developing or licensing novel technologies for mobile augmented reality interaction? I have several issued patents in virtual environments and augmented reality, such as my active fiducials patent, and I can help you with your technology issues.

Need help architecting a sports entertainment augmented reality system? I have experience there too.

Check out my full resume, and let us know what Three Birds Systems can do for you.